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Kelowna Home Hardware and The Okanagan chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) want people to be more careful and aware when they drive this holiday season.

MADD Okanagan has a car crash installation in front of the Kelowna Home Hardware showing the aftermath of a crash when an impaired individual gets behind the wheel. You can see the car in front of  Kelowna Home Hardware at 1650 Springfield Rd. in Kelowna.

Impaired driving doesn’t just involve those who drink before they get in their vehicle, but also those who may be under the influence of drugs or those who may be driving exhausted.

With the installation, MADD is asking that people consider not just their own safety, but others’ as well. Please don’t drive impaired.

Please find more information on their website, Facebook page and these following articles:



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